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How to validate phone number using PHP .

My client asked me to develop E-commerce website, visitors will have the ability to register and add products to the cart then place order. …


Google maps free alternatives .

It's been a long time since google published their maps services, like many developers  I was google maps developer and preferred to work with these services,built many applications , enjoyed the good support and clear documentation, but between overnight Google changed the game rules and announced  they new pricing sheet which will effect…


Codeigniter google maps geolocation integration .

Hi my friends, in the last week I have an awesome task I liked to share, the client asked me to build a reservation service form which using google map service to find the closest providers to client location by detecting his location and search in the database by latitude and longtuide ,it was in this scenario: …


How to protect your privacy from webrtc leak .

As a web developer I believe in this phrase, on the internet no one 100℅ safe and every day passed confirm this phrase, I Imagine someone out there laughing on these words because he thinks that he was absolutely safe, you are not safe man, think again. …


Social Logins in codeigniter with HybridAuth easy steps .

Social login is one of the most popular login methods options for users to log into your site. At Hybridauth library, we have an easy way to create social authentication for many providers like Facebook, google, twitter. …


integrate recaptcha with codeigniter validation .

about three weeks later,i didnt have any time to check cpanel,just go to dashboard,add new tutorial and its done,one day i take alook to cpanel and i surprised with many spam comments,so i thought to add recaptcha to comments form,but because i am so busy i thought to take an easy way to do that.and as we said, …