Article Content:How to protect your privacy from webrtc leak

How to protect your privacy from webrtc leak

How to protect your privacy from webrtc leak.

As a web developer I believe in this phrase, on the internet no one 100℅ safe and every day passed confirm this phrase, I Imagine someone out there laughing on these words because he thinks that he was absolutely safe, you are not safe man, think again.

Many years ago people thought that VPN is the best way to hide their identity when browsing websites on the internet, recently Daniel roesler realize a bug on Webrtc that gives every website the ability to know your IP address even if you are using VPN service. Think this a joke?

 Please stop reading, open VPN and Try yourself, click the link below to make webrtc leak test to show your IP :

OK man you're now sure, I see many questions in your eyes like what's web rtc meaning? How to know the website utilize this bug? And how to protect privacy against this bug? That what I will explain through this article, so keep reading.

What's WebRTC meaning?

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an open-source and free project that aims to embed real-time voice, data, video and instant messaging capabilities through JavaScript APIs within Web browsers.

It is a project conceived and managed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to enable browser-to-browser communications without the need for additional plug-ins/utilities.

Knowing the website utilize rtc?

The possibilities are impossible to count. Especially in the age of BYOD everyone has their smartphone always ready and beyond that every notebook and desktop PC could participate in WebRTC. Here are some examples I could think of:

- Customer service through video conference (the end of the service hotline?)

- Working together on documents through web

- Smart-TVs allow you do video conferences without infrastructure or service running in the back (if there’s a browser – that’s ok!)

- Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter when using video or audio calls

- Instead of displaying phone numbers, provide a QR-code code or a NFC space, so people can reach directly to you with their smartphone or tablet (we got a camera, a mic, a speaker – so let’s use them!)

Finally, Websites utilize WebRTC for many reasons, top of these to collecting user’s data, real data is a huge benefit in the marketing, its help to make a right decisions, target the right audience.

How to protect privacy against this leaks?

First, if you make web communication calls like (voice or video) calls, this way isn't fit to you, if no just disable WebRTC support in your browser, you can find many Firefox and chrome plugins like (Disable WebRTC in Firefox, webrtc-leak-prevent in chrome),I also recommended to enable WebRTC when you want to make a call and disable again.


As I said above, don't think you are safe 100 ,no way man, even if you upgrade your knowledge about security, there are always bugs that hacking waiting for, but you can make their live much harder by doing your turn, make it somewhat more complicated, that what I hope to be.


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