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Google maps free alternatives

It's been a long time since google published their maps services, like many developers  I was google maps developer and preferred to work with these services,built many applications , enjoyed the good support and clear documentation, but between overnight Google changed the game rules and announced  they new pricing sheet which will effect specifically at 16th July 2018 , and affect directly for many businesses dependent upon this service.

Many business owners shocked , because most of them hasn't the appropriate budget to cover this expensive costs,also some of them using the trial account and hasn't a credit or debit visa to use in google maps(because in the new rules you should use your billing details and not allowed to use prepaid visa), a lot of messages came to me ask to fix google maps tutorials demo's, because they stopped working.

Finally i ended saying : maybe it's the right  time to find google maps alternatives ,i think to start a new series about google maps free alternatives ,in September 2018 started this series with mapbox service that built with an open source maps called OpenStreetMap

And as recording more tutorials i will discuss more if the free or cheap maps libraries like leaflet.js or openlayers ,I hope to understand them well ,keep moving forward with your businesses even if you have a limited budget ,doesn't hesitate to ask any question.

1- Mapbox markers manager with php mysql

1-Download Source Code extract in the htdocs.

2-Create new database with name test.

3-Import locations.sql.

4-Rename project folder to mapbox_markers_manager

5-After making your change, Go to the browser and run this url http://localhost/mapbox_dynamic_marker/user-map.php

Enjoy the code :) .


2- Driving directions from one place to another - mapbox

In part two of google maps alternatives series ,and in this tutorial you will learn :

1- Search for place using geocode

2- How to draw directions on a map

3 -Get driving directions from one location to another

4- Get the distance and duration for this travel

5- How to get step by step directions on maps 6-how can we find directions on a map




  • Michel Oliveira
    Hello. Nice tutorial. Just one question. How can i set a pop up on blue marker click? I found this tutorial from MapBox site (https://docs.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/example/popup-on-click/) but i didnt find a way to insert a description from Mysql column for example to put inside pop up on click. Is there a way to do that? Thanks a lot :)
    September 27, 2019
  • james
    I would like to have a video om bing maps with marker geo coding and the ability to search with bing maps by an area polygone as i wish to creat a propety listing web site could you help james
    November 8, 2019

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