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Article Content:White noise..when developer love noise

White noise..when developer love noise

White noise..when developer love noise.

If you are a developer or a designer or if you a person who like and appreciate the calm down, then this article were made for you. Why?

It is the brain, the important machine which manages our life, plans, targets, and if this machine clear, it will do this job well.

 Nowadays, new term Float on the surface which is ‘white noise’, once you hear this term you will be confused because noise is not a color either a good thing, so I will explain what is the white noise and what is coming for? and how it helps us  in our life?

White noise meaning


It’s helpful to look at the name itself to start with. White noise gets its name from ‘white light’.

Which is a collection of all colors, or frequencies of colors, combined together,In a similar way, white noise is also called because it’s a combination of all the different frequencies of sound you’re able to hear?

The white noise we talk about usually isn’t every possible sound put together, though.

White noise is the signal, or frequency, created when all the different frequencies of audible sound that the human ear and brain can perceive are put together at a similar level.

- The sound of white noise we hear as humans, therefore, is the sound of all the frequencies between 20 and 20,000 HZ,So we’re literally hearing around 20,000 different tones of sound all at the same    time. No wonder it sounds messy!

The term white noise comes from the fact that it is equivalent to white light, which is a combination of all frequencies or wavelengths in the visible light.

Because white noise contains all frequencies, it is frequently used to mask other example If you are in a hotel and voices came from the other room, you might turn on a fan to drown out the voices. The fan produces a good approximation of white noise. Why does that work? Why does white noise drown out voices?


- Here is one way to think about it. Let's say two people are talking at the same time. Your brain can normally pick one of the two voices and actually listens to it and understands it. If three people are talking at the same time as your brain can probably still pick one voice. However, if 100 people are talking at the same time, there is no way that your brain can pick one voice. It turns out that 100 people talking together sound a lot like white noise. So when you turn on a fan to create white noise, you are essentially creating a source of 100 voices. The voice beside your room makes it 101 voices, and your brain can't pick it any more.

How it help you as a developer?


White noise has many benefits some of these:

1- Help you to sleep by blocking out disturbing sounds

2- Can help you concentrate – for a while

3- Reduce the annoyance of tinnitus

4- Encourages relaxations


And as a developer, when I have a hard task which needs more brainstorm I use white noise and its help me to focus on the task.

Also on the bus when I want to read a new article I use it to remove and disturbance on my way.


Where you find white noise


Many resources on the internet but there are my favorites list:

1- My Noise website which generates white noise waves

2- YouTube search for white noise

3- White noise free for android

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