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Article Content:Freelancer Codeigniter developer in Egypt

Freelancer Codeigniter developer in Egypt

Freelancer Codeigniter developer in Egypt.

We always start our job with the sake washings, love my job, love my career, and want to grow, want to the best employee in the earth.

And once you begin, once you move in the real world, you will find this like shit, your hopes, your wishes, all will be disappearing. And the only thing still with you to make money just for food and pay rent.

Someone will be frustrated from this article, he tells me that is not true, that is the life not too black like this. But in the deep corner in his heart something tell him that is true and certainly real.

So what is next, this is not end of the life, we always have many chances, like Prospecting for gold, check yourself,

Are you breathing now?
Have you a life?

So you can do something, you can break this prison and to be free.

I read more and more about human self-improvement, the most important quote which not leaves my ears:

Change start from our mind at first


So if you did not think before about freedom you will not be free, Global Statistics says luckily success and rich made in the world between 2 - 3 %, but the richest people have been rich by thinking and working to be like that.

rich percent

So why I tell you that, why I send this advice over the internet because I don’t want you to waste your time, to reinvent the wheel, At times ago I argue with this fact but when the days and months left I realize that:

Freedom start with Freelance


I feel frustrated because my bosses always pushing me to do something I don’t love, I feel like a prisoner because I don’t have the time to do what I love which is teaching people by writing books make courses, make web applications that help people by some way.

 Ok, I understand your fears because I live on the earth, so you can start with a simple job for now if you are just beginning to work to collect more experience, but without forgetting your dream, your big goal which keeps running into your head:

enlightened Sometimes I will leave my job and work independently, I will have my own company, and I will work without a boss.

The important   with keep sending this message to your brain is:
Brain start searching for every chance to be free, after this you will try some methods when you still in your job with a safe space, by the time you will fail and learn from your failure and then success and then grow.

After you feel that you can stand up and start your own work with a safe and more experience you will leave your job.

This what I recommend to do, and this is what I start doing now as a Freelancer PHP developer in Egypt and this will be the beginning.


  • Mahdi Miad
    I liked your idea, and this is what I am doing right now, I work in a company but I would like to have my own, I developed a system with Yii framework in my country (Djibouti) and my customer growing slowly, so when I will get some customer I will start my own company, I have also a licence from the government but not an office yet.
    May 11, 2016
    • admin
      Good idea Mahdi, you are in the right side,just keep going,keep learning and do your best i hope to hear good news for you :)
      May 13, 2016

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