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web easy step story

Hi for everyone

This my first article in this blog...And I like to share my short story with you

Since I was in 16...i was struggling to learn everything about I involved in many courses from Microsoft to Linux, from hacking to programming, also some courses about Design.

In all this travel...I learnt something..You can learn anything...Nothing is Impossible...The only problem is what is your way to learn?

If you chose it hard it will be hard...And if you chose it easy it will be easy.


Just make your choice!!

This will move us to the next question...How to choose this way?

The short answer is: Just chose your teacher and resources.

The secret behind answer has related to teacher job concept.

Many and many teachers worked to this job because it was their job. But a few of them worked at this job because they like it, enjoy it and find themselves when help others.

As result, All body can learn but not all enjoy learn..And I was one of them. One of those hasn't enjoyed learning.

So...I thought about this problem.

And made my choice...

My target to deliver web technologies as easy as possible.

To do my best to access this target within E-learning tutorials.

And the first step on this way...To build my blog Web easy step .

  • Bharathi
    Dear Si, Your concept very nice. It's very useful for web developers. Thank you for giving such a tutorials.
    May 14, 2016
    • admin
      Thanks Mr.Bharathi , and i happy with your comment,i hope to be that "useful" person you are welcome
      May 15, 2016

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