Article Content:understand git and practice without command

understand git and practice without command

understand git and practice without command.

About one month later and I came back with a new course with many details I like to share.

This course about git ,it has two main sections

1- Understand main concepts.

this section discuss VCS ,Git definitions and what they came for without going to unuseful historical subjects,then walk throw most popular git terms to clean up any confuses about it and about it's roles to manage or organize our projects, also to simplify learning curve we dived this terms into two sections which distinguish between them very well .(areas,actions)


2- Practice without command coding.


which is phpstorm in this course ,in this section you will jump to the real world examples that I was using it every day I keep videos order consistent with the first chapter for easy remembered you could use other GUI tool they were almost similar


But because I like to make always free content I thought to make trailer version for this course Before published the final version because this will return many benefits for me and for my expected followers.


As an example I will have the chance to see various reviews which will reflect my performance,this should improve my skills to the next level,also my followers will benefit from this free course while this period.


So, for now, you will see course videos which upload one by one until it was finished and you will show the progress  from git course in webeasystep YouTube channel, which temporary called “understand git and practice without command”.

I hope to understand very well and feel free to post your review,anytime you are welcome.

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