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react native beginners free course

Hello my friends again, for while I was thinking about what next, what is the best value I can provide in this field (Web Technologies). The stuff I liked and interested in.

According to that, I thought to share my knowledge with the react native framework which is my best mobile cross-platform to build IOS and Android applications.

Not only that, I thought to provide tutorials in PHP Codeigniter as a backend with React native apps, so my friends you will have a great mix and well understanding of how they work together.

Besides, I realize that most react native tutorials not easy for beginners, me too, I had struggled to understand what is going on, so I decided to provide this series with another approach - I thought it is the best way to learn react native - which is cutting down the react native framework to small pieces, each piece a stand-alone.

The beginners should start learning with this concept, they should learn and practice every piece alone because this will make it later easier to collect all them together like a puzzle, finally, they could see the full Picture so clear –as I hope. :)

Another important note:
in my way to learn react native I ran into many errors and bugs but those errors never stopped me to keep learning, this is also what I advise you to do, never stop learning, ask here or StackOverflow, search it, open an issue in React native repository but not stop ever, after a while you will be much better.

-Who is the target audience?

-This course is for anyone looking to make native apps with React Native


- Basic understanding of JavaScript and ECMAScript 6

- Windows operating system (You can Test with Mac But I am Not Supported in these Series)


1-In this course, we will walk through different pieces of information to cover the most popular concepts In React native which gives you a solid background before start building a real-world mobile app, during course we will test only on windows and with the Android platform but later may be another test for IOS.

2- Course code will be updated to fix any issue happens because of React native versions updated.

3- Always your suggestions will be welcomed, and I will give the highest priority for the most wanted tutorials 

-Course tools and technologies

-React Native

-Android Studio




...And much more

Course Content (Always Updated)

1-Install react native on Windows

2-React Native IDE For Windows

3-React native build APK

4-React native form validation with example

5-React Navigation stack navigator

6-React Navigation Tab navigator

7-React Navigation Drawer navigator

8 - React Native Flatlist with example

9- React native check internet connection and react native webview

10- create simple carousel react native with scrollview

Final words

right now I will update this article with the related articles, so bookmark this page for latest updates, also recommended to practice every article with me, trust me this is the easiest to jump and running, I hope I could help you understanding  this framework easily, and as always said "I am really glad to hear your suggestions",

  • Herbert
    Thx for sharing its helpful to me
    March 12, 2018

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