Article Content:Welcome back codeigniter

Welcome back codeigniter


Hi, everone..this article to celebrate for my best PHP framework Codeigniter back again.

If you don't know..codeigniter version 2 is the last released for Eslab company..after this version...Es-lab stop for upgrading code igniter and seek for new owner..many developers said that CodeIgniter is dead..but it comes back now on trusted hands ..British Columbia Institute of Technology  with the last version 3.

So why l loved and still love codeigniter..i will overall this in these points :

Codeigniter is the most easier framework I had used ever,I have work with many anyone of them you must see naming conventions..although conventions speed your developing and make you write less and do more but in many times it will limit your creativity and make future hacks -if you need it later -more difficult..CodeIgniter not uses naming conventions widely like many you will grasp,understand quickly.and that make learn not steep curve. since it has a big community which means..good improvements.good support..usually if you face some problems or the client request new task you don't have any idea about..just search and you will find many solutions.

Codeigniter..stable..which means you can depend on it to build long time will not wake up on big change every month that will make you depressed or unsafe like some new frameworks.

Codeigniter..much clean because it has not depended on command lines..or complicated configuration rules....which make it easier to install on various was keep minimum required libraries and helpers which fit daily developers needs. and make you have the decision to improve or add new custom libraries just for your specific task without fill the framework with dozens of unneeded libraries which decrease performance.

Finally..CodeIgniter has all these features together..


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