Article Content:Top react native IDE for windows

Top react native IDE for windows

Develop react native on windows? , These series for you, and for everyone that not found much helpful tutorials in this subject.

Choosing a best ID for react native is not an easy job because there are many options out there, all of them has its features for supporting react native, that’s because there is no official IDE for react native.

Even if you ask experts everyone will recommended his favorite IDE, because he like some features or because he was familiar with this IDE for Long period.

In this article I will put the Top react native IDEs for windows on the table and you can pick up what you like to work with, finally I will put my experience with this IDE and let you make your choice (Jigsaw Sound)  :)

React native editors for windows

1-Visual Code

-Easy to work with

-Lightweight ide (not like Heavy Visual studio)

-Support many plugins like, React native tools-flow-eslint-preitter-Auto Close Tag-Auto Complete Tag-Auto Rename Tag Color Highlight-Path Intellisense.


2- Atom

-Easy to work with

-Lightweight ide

-Support many plugins, top of them Nuclide which is the IDE that Facebook uses internally for JavaScript development. The killer feature of Nuclide is its debugging ability


3- Webstorm

-Easy to work with

-Intelligent Coding Assistance

-Lightweight IDE (until add more plugins).

-Support many plugins like JavaScript Support, React CSS Modules, ESLint,reactNativeTools,ReactPropTypes ..etc.


What I prefer and why?

After trying the three IDEs, I focused on Webstorm or literally Phpstorm as my best IDE for PHP and react native development, why I choose this ide over the other choices, that is what I will explain the remaining lines.

1-Smart Path detection and auto completion

2-Smart objects detection and auto completion

3-Intelligent Coding auto completion and corrections

4-Live Templates For Shortcuts.

5-Embedded Command line tool

6-Well Support for Es6 And JSX


Now Let’s Actually see all these feature in that video

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