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Article Content:The Ghost of programming terms

The Ghost of programming terms

I remember that day when I tried to learn to program; suddenly I feel like rock Hit my head , Many term Overcrowd in my head like (array-variable- class- object)...Etc

And found myself said: what is this shit?

At first glance, I feel frustrated, stopped learning, stopped reading books or watch video tutorials ,but I remembered something, remembered my childhood when my parents tried to help me talk good, said some words and I repeated it difficult sometimes wrong and sometimes right. Finally, I talk good, I learned my language that made me good to express myself, good with communication with other people.

I realized it was the same thing, the same example. So why I was frustrated with my first failure to learn to program and how you avoid this. I like to share this experience.


Behind every big term...Simple means

What I found out... that our brains refuse new terms in the beginning. If we repeat these terms again and again for while it will go deeply.

Repeating is not easy because you will feel I found out that what make it easy as possible, using Variety learning resources...

Read about a topic at a book, then show video about the same topic then read a blog for this topic.


You will notice something beautiful. At First, you will understand little as example about 20%, in the next try understanding will be 50%, and if you go to another source it will increase to be 100%

Every try will improve your understanding; make you look at the term from multiple sides...Also changing learning methods wake up and refresh your brain from Omissions which happen through the learning process.

Also, it will break fear effects from the new programming terms, over time you will get used to the term, you will find out how much simplicity for meaning behind every term.




After Every new term, your brain needs glue to stick down this term. This glue called (practice). Focus on tutorials that help you to build with your hands.

Get some simple projects and just try to modify simple code lines to see what's happen. This will help you to put this term deeply in your mind and also help you to understand more about the best way to use it.

In my courses I always consider practical section as example LARAVEL try and enjoy PHP coding, and also in my blog tried to make a simple project for beginners, so don’t start with big projects this will make a steep learning curve. Do not rush with practical projects. Our target is to understand terms with the right way.


Choose the right Tutor


Everyone on the planet has his expertise, resources, and information, but not everyone has the talent to deliver all those with easy way.

If you feel a not happy to stop and try another method or another person, the internet has a ton of tutorials, books, and tutors, all you need to choose the right tutor, the right tutor who makes you comfortable with learning. Use the Gradual in Education. This will reflect you through less you effort and time.


Although you don’t have enough experience to choose the right tutor, but you the sense with learning that guide you to the most appropriate tutor. You will feel comfortable with someone more than another

As an example If you, not English native speaker usually you feel comfortable with noon native speakers tutors because they will use simple vocabulary and they have simple, slow pronunciation. Absolutely this will help you to understand better.


Link your terms together


Our minds work with the categorized system. Every information you learned from your 5 senses store with its category. Our minds do that to Strengthens Your ability to remember and make it fast, easy.

So to help your mind to do this job faster and easy and also this make you feel better when learning huge terms to make some links between terms and make it categorized as possible.

As example when I learn web programming I start to categorized tutorials like MYSQL classes and PHP classes, into PHP there were some categories like this


·  Basic syntax

·  Types

·  Variables

·  Constants

·  Expressions

·  Operators

·  Control Structures


And also anything you want to learn search for its categories, learn with categories, look at index books this will help you a lot to categorize your information, show courses videos was the best organized.

So this will help you to know what you learn and what you will learn in the future.

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