Article Content:PHP Mobile Detect easily script

PHP Mobile Detect easily script

this tutorial specific for many people who ask how to detect mobile devices using PHP without any helping from javascript or whatever, just pure PHP, in this tutorial I will discuss how to use one of the most popular scripts in PHP that help you to detect the mobile device in PHP, so let is do it.

Step one

Go to this link and download script from GitHub and extract files into www or htdocs and remove all files and directories and only keep Mobile.detect.php file

Step two

Create index.php file and copy demo file and past into index.php from here

Step three 

fix to include path for the library Mobile.detect.php to the right path and remove unneeded dots ../

Step four

Open the browser and Go to localhost/the script directory.

Final word

and that is it, it will run successfully, also you can see demo link below with all steps in the video, thank you, see you next


  • faiyneen
    Thank you for sharing..
    June 11, 2018

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