Article Content:Mysql practical course with online examples

Mysql practical course with online examples

Mysql practical course with online examples.

As I promise before, to deliver information in the easiest ways I know, I thought to add a new way to my teaching ways.

In the last weekend, I made some surveying about web tutorials for many youtube channels, I searched for something Loss, something learner needs but teachers not provide, or at least not provide with a better way, the weekend ended but nothing comes up to my head.

In the morning of my first job day, everyone attended to our weekly meeting to say his word, the main target is to share new thoughts to improve team skills.

Then my word came, at this moment the thought fast flashed in my head so I opened my phone to write.

Found The Gap

Yeah, I found it, I will start new video series to fill the gap, what is that gap?

Well, I found the most of the teachers -me too - when to teach technologies they only focus on technology details, they focus on how to use it but most of them forget an important side

Why we use it?

They aren't focusing on this side because they always suppose that learner already knows what he wants, what he searches for?

But something is messed here, the true is most of the people uses a search engine to find the right information but they not found exactly what they've searched for all the time.

Search engines provide them with suggestions and related alternatives,so if you put this assumption in your mind, you will find the gap.

People should know why to learn what they will learn, they should know because -as we said - there are many of them find your tutorial randomly and they not sure if this tutorial fit to their skills or no, also if would be useful.

In addition, to make your tutorial most useful you should use a real World problem as an example, then your technology comes up to fix this problem.

This way will help your learner to take advantage of your experience in a practical way, you gave them the information and the right way to use it,

Also, this will improve their skills as problem-solving thinkers, they will learn how developers work to solve programming issues.

After all, l love this way to teach people because in the past I have been a learner like you and asked myself why it was difficult to learn to program, am I a stupid or there was another problem?

I figured out that the problem with the teaching ways nothing else, so I thought if I could help other people with my expertise to make the learn process easier and funny.


Finally, my decision to test this technique in the next MySQL course and it will be "Mysql practical course with examples"

I hope you love what I love, and if you have any problem or suggestion don't hesitate to share

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