Article Content:My favorite books for web development

My favorite books for web development

It's been a long time since I decide to stop learn to program , my first try wasn’t good because my instructor wasn’t good.

As we talk before, teaching is not a job it is a talent, anyone can do it but will not be special if he hasn't this talent.

 After while I decided to try again, but this time with online learning videos and books.

Because I love to learn with books, I make survey within Amazon, I take a look at books section, authors, and reviews. Finally, I found good PHP book, this book has a special series name, special content and a good method to learning which inspired me later.

Thus series called: Murach

Murach inspiration method


These series return to Mike the Murach books Founder, from his experience on writer job he tried to start with a complete set of writing methods and his success for 40 years.

How he do that and what’s his method different?

Let’s explain with this review for Murach’s PHP and MySQL book:

  • Murach divided any Curriculum to three levels (Sections ,Chapters, Paragraphs),He starts every book with will organized and brief index which contain section title and under every section their chapters, this give beginner learner quick overview for book subject in minute

Murach’s book index

After this he start the second level which called (expanded content) it contains the same index but with more details in chapters, and under every chapter there were paragraphs with bold font, every paragraph discuss different subject this give the learner the easy way to remember and review specific subject Whatever small size and whatever it has been in this book

expanded Murach’s book index.

  • Then he focuses on how to start quickly as possible because he knows that new learner doesn't not have much patience for Theoretical explanation ,so he gives quick summary in three or four lines for what book will do for you and what content you’ll learn in every section

Murach’s book summary

After this he directly begins with quick section to explain general things, in the next sections take every subject with practice and real world examples with very will comments that explains every single line of code

  •  He intends to move step by step Taking into consideration learning curve so he initializes every section with simple introduction and while he teaches all subjects, he tries to simplify it with beautiful technique ,First discusses it with normal text, Second convert this subject into  set of points under title : description

Murach’s descriptions

  • He uses really easy English terms for non-native speakers
  • The left page for code and the right page for explanations to this code

  • At the end of every chapter, there were four things (perspective-terms-summary-exercises),you’ll also download full code and see exercises answers
  • You have 100% guarantee to try their book for 60 days if you want to return just return it with No questions asked!

So for that, I love these series books on web development and you can take a look and put your review


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