Article Content:My experience with Adminlte in Codeigniter projects

My experience with Adminlte in Codeigniter projects

My experience with Adminlte in Codeigniter projects.

One of the most important key aspects which consuming time and take more effort from the developer is: the frontend programming

Every developer wants to focus more only on programming aspects without the headache of forget a class or forget and open tag, it somewhere makes him-IMO- feel miserable.

Even though you love design, sometimes you need to be focused more on project logic or at least to improve your productivity by less your project time, that’s exactly what I was searching for in the last days and I found that whenever you reduce the time of frontend developing you were effecting on the whole project time.

And to do this I will give you a short advice use advanced backend template.

In my opinion Adminlte was a good choice, because it was free open source, it has a wide community, well documented, it is using bootstrap with many plugins and other features, so you don’t want to search more if your client asks for some features like adding charts or admin invoice, it was easy to find what you want with examples.

Also when bootstrap updates some, the beautiful team will do this job and update Adminlte, and all you do to replace the old files with the newer, then do some changes in the header footer files.

If you think this advice is not important, just keep your eyes open to the next lines, practice, come here after that and tell me if it is right or not, let me tell you how?



In the past, I used simple admin with my projects, but I notice important something which consuming the half of my project time, which is ‘the list’, look at this picture below and tell me what you want to do to develop this employees list?

I will tell you, my friend, what you should do in your class

1- You will add a function to retrieve employees information

2- You will add function show entries depending on the numbering dropdown menu

3-You will add function to handle Ajax search

4- You will add function to handle sorting for all columns.

5- You will add function in your model to calculate showing entries like the below

6- You will add function to display pagination, like using Codeigniter pagination


As you see you will handle all these functions on the server side and test all of them  for every list, but on the other side you will reduce all this hard work with ‘jQuery datatables’

You hear about it?

if yes, then go and use it now, if not I will explain, data tables like a JavaScript library to handle retrieved data as a full functionality table features without any a headache ,it do all this on the client side (you also can use ajax),you can use it easily with simple documentation and many plugins over there

You can try it from this link

Also, you can try adminlte from here

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