Article Content:Learn PHP for beginners by doing

Learn PHP for beginners by doing

Hi My friends, about two months left when someone leave this comment "Can you please add a PHP tutorials for beginners", that what make me think again about who those like my tutorials but not fit to them, because as you saw all PHP tutorials focus for CodeIgniter developers and not all developers like or prefer to work with CodeIgniter.

besides  that, I notice that many questions came to my tutorial with basic questions like to run the example or why I see this error, and all these questions mean that the PHP basics not good because you should learn PHP first then go to frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel ...etc. , but imagine you have a problem with changing the project config name or import the database in the example, that's really a problem you need to solve.

for that i focused to create PHP course for beginners that help them to build a real knowledge with keeping in mind to to help them achieve that practically by getting their hand dirty in the code, because I know that every knowledge will disappear if you not putting it into practical phase, so I made a survey about the most brain-friendly design for the course, which eventually leads me to this course.

this course will be for those who learn about php basics form many tutorials and courses and want to build something from scatch to figure out the process to build something with php , so don't expect that I will teach you what is the meaning of array and what is the meaning of variable , actually you will find many many tutorials out there to do that job ,but rather than I will teach you how to use them and how thy work together to build a full script, i will do that step by step from bottom to top by adding some features ,faceing a problem,trying to solve it, which will update your theorical knowldge with a real world knowldge that finall help you to think as a developer, not a student !!

I hope this helps you to understand PHP practically to improve your knowledge, remember to not hesitate to leave a comment if you have a question or s suggestion and ASAP I will be glad to answer this question.


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