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Push Notification PHP via Onesignal .

Last week I had worked with my friend to publish a new Android application, the application process started with adding the quotes through the back-end -which created by CodeIgniter- once the admin adds a new quote users notified with the updates across multiple platforms, also the admin should have the ability to notify specific users, this better than opening the…


paypal payment gateway integration in codeigniter .

The last week was a tough week, I was interested to integrate my PayPal module to the new e-commerce project but when I started many problems hitting my face, which makes me think to read PayPal API documentation again, once I did this, I understood what's happening exactly.…


How to protect your privacy from webrtc leak .

As a web developer I believe in this phrase, on the internet no one 100℅ safe and every day passed confirm this phrase, I Imagine someone out there laughing on these words because he thinks that he was absolutely safe, you are not safe man, think again. …


How To Protect Against Ddos Attacks With Cloudflare .

As a regular attitude used to look at the monthly usage for my website bandwidth, sometimes I see a good traffic which directly reflects on the bandwidth; sometimes traffic is low which means decrease bandwidth usage. …


Social Logins in codeigniter with HybridAuth easy steps .

Social login is one of the most popular login methods options for users to log into your site. At Hybridauth library, we have an easy way to create social authentication for many providers like Facebook, google, twitter. …