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CodeIgniter Form Validation Callback function .

Validating your data is so important, you can't imagine any application without validation because it's the way you can control which data dealing with your application, it gives you this capability by filtering user input from crappy and useless inputs, and furthermore it will clean up inputs from hacking, spamming attempts. …


Multiple file upload in Codeigniter with example .

Codeigniter doesn't have a support for upload multiple files at once; they saw it was out of framework philosophy, and because we don’t have the time to argue about this, we just make it by hands. …


Codeigniter Clean URL .

SEO, not a choice, if you have a website then you want people to see it, because it is not a desktop application for someone only, that will make web developers ran into problems because the most popular PHP frameworks and CMS don’t provide support SEO at their basic tools or modules, I also don’t know why ? …


integrate recaptcha with codeigniter validation .

about three weeks later,i didnt have any time to check cpanel,just go to dashboard,add new tutorial and its done,one day i take alook to cpanel and i surprised with many spam comments,so i thought to add recaptcha to comments form,but because i am so busy i thought to take an easy way to do that.and as we said, …