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How to upload base64 file in PHP .

Uploading files or images from mobile app is a most common case in many projects, there are two ways to finish this task, one of them is most popular, much safer, and considering as a best practice, which is encoding the uploaded file as a base64 string in your mobile application and send it as a normal post to the PHP API. …


Build dynamic tree nodes with jstree and codeigniter .

jsTree is Jquery plugin, that provides interactive trees. It is absolutely free, open source  …


Get Youtube video title from video link in codeigniter .

If you want to add YouTube links to your website, you should know that google always changing their API which means that you must keep updating your code to match their updates. …


how to create dynamic grid with codeigniter and handstable .

My last project as a web developer freelancer had came with new challenge task..My client ask me to build simple accountant system to manage his clothes factory..After some questions with the client I built project analysis with this scenario: …


how to solve json encoding problems with php .

Hello again..if you ever work with json in php..maybe you ran into some problems with json_encode() function like me .…