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Ionic freelancer developer .

Nowadays, the technology market is the biggest market ever, every day many changes come and with these changes many jobs opportunities created, Although this is a good sign for anyone who works in this carrier, it also adds another challenge to must keep knowledge constantly updated or to be ancient. …


Ionic vs native vs other mobile hybrid frameworks .

Last week I had been busy with choosing the best cross-platform mobile framework, at first I thought to use native tools to build Mobile apps but finally turned out to mobile hybrid frameworks cause of many reasons in next lines I like to share with you. …


How to protect your privacy from webrtc leak .

As a web developer I believe in this phrase, on the internet no one 100℅ safe and every day passed confirm this phrase, I Imagine someone out there laughing on these words because he thinks that he was absolutely safe, you are not safe man, think again. …


Dynamic codeigniter email template system with ckeditor .

Last week I had a new task from preceding client, he asked me to edit E-mail system to be easy to customize because over time he wants to make updates to emails subject's or contents or even E-mails templates. …