Article Content:How to build voting Ajax system with Codeigniter part 1

How to build voting Ajax system with Codeigniter part 1

How to build voting Ajax system with Codeigniter part 1.

In the last few days I have many requests from my blog followers to create free PHP tutorial on this subject: (how to create poll or vote system?)

So I decided to make this tutorial, not just that, but also offer this PHP script for free, so let's talk about it.

Updated : the next part of creating voting system published

Vote script features


1- System identifies voter IP address, so the voter can vote one time for every vote.

2-System is dynamically giving you the freedom to specific your poll choices, you can make it three, four, and five...or ten choices it is upon your needs.

3-System use jQuery in the backend to increase or decrease poll fields, also use jQuery Ajax requests in the frontend to post votes and see results.

4- System builds with progress html5 tag and bootstrap so easily integrated with your site.

5- Code built with Code igniter 3 latest version and MySQL, well-structured, readable and easy to follow.

6- System does not accept editing if have any votes

5- It is a free open source you can use it as you want.




1- First download poll script from our repo

2- Extract zip file into the root like www or htdocs

3- Create new database named as ‘demo’ and it imports our tables for into it

4- Change Config.php and Database.php info to meet the created database name.

5- Visit this link, and you are welcome


Project structure:


In this app we have :

1- Voting controllers

In this controller, we have Admin_voting.php to manage backend actions, and Voting.php  to manage frontend actions

2- Voting models

In this models, we have voting_model.php to manage backend database actions, and voting_counter.php  to manage frontend  database actions

5- Global folder

Bootstrap folder // which has all bootstrap basic design files

Site folder / which have all frontend design files

Admin folder // which has all frontend design files

6- Views folder

Which contains views file for our layout templates with header and footer and content and also Vote folder for all related to vote system


How it works?

you can see the next series from this tutorial here




Backend demo  Frontend demo

  • BillyD
    Hi dude ! I'm very interested by your tutorial. I search for some ideas to make votes on my site since few weeks. Do you know when your tutorial will be finished? I found lots of useful information on your site! Thank you a lot !
    November 24, 2016
    • admin
      Hi, BillyD at first welcome as a new friend and i very glad to your words, second ,congratulations,because the next tutorial is part two for voting system,so wait soon and i hope to be good tutorial for you
      November 27, 2016
  • Adeyemi Adenrele
    Hi , this tutorial is cool. I want to make a request if i can get source code, i will be glad. Thanks Dude..
    October 8, 2018
    • admin
      Hi Adeyemi ,sure you can dowload the source code from webeasystep repository in bitbucket
      October 9, 2018

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